Cranberry Leather Moccasins

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TheWildFolkCo's handmade leather baby moccasins are made from genuine rust colored suede leather. These soft soled shoes are perfect for babies, beginning walkers, and even toddlers. Soft soles allow your little one's developing foot muscles to flex and grip the ground easily while providing protection against the elements.

Elastic opening makes slipping on a breeze.

At The Wild Folk Co, everything is made here. By me. Not a factory, not a team of workers, just me. One mama who loves to create puts care and love into each item. As I sew your child's shoes or secure your babe's pacifier clip, I am wondering about the family who will love and create memories wearing it, and sending all the best wishes your way. That's the difference when you buy handmade.

This item is handmade to order. Please allow 7-10 business days for production.

Wondering what size shoes to order? For the best fit, we recommend measuring your little one's foot, and order the size that is 1/2" larger. We have listed the approximate match up in months if you are unable to measure baby's foot. When in doubt, size up - children will always grow.

Size 1/2 (3.75") - 0-3 months - US shoe size 1-2
Size 3 (4.25") - 3-6 months - US shoe size 3
Size 4/5 (4.75") - 6-12 months - US shoe size 4-5
Size 6 (5.25") - 12-18 months - US shoe size 6
Size 7/8 (5.75") - 18-24 months - US shoe size 7-8
Size 9 (6.25") - 2T/3T - US shoe size 9
Size 10 (6.5") - 3T/4T - US shoe size 10

Please note that your shoes may not look EXACTLY like the pair pictured. Though I try my best to strive for consistency, since your moccasins will be made by my two hands, and not a machine in a factory, every pair will be SLIGHTLY different. Also, just as you may have freckles or blemishes, so do animals. No hide is absolutely perfect, and while I would never send out a pair of moccasins with a large nick or scratch, or a major discoloration, you may come across small blemishes in your leather that are unavoidable, but that's one of the things that make them so special. Just like the child who's feet they will protect, they are made with love and care, and are one of a kind.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, we do not offer returns or exchanges.