Referral Program

referral program

Whether you decide to make Young Living a business for you or not, it is a pretty amazing gift for you as a member with Young Living to have a "referral link."

Young Living has the best referral program! 

When you get your starter kit, it's probably natural that you'll let your friends and family know about it and how much you love it, and if they're interested in getting started as well, you can pass your referral link to them! When they join with a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living sends you a $50 thank you check!

No you don’t have to be a business maven and no you don’t have to be a weirdo who messages your old high school friends. Lol. Please don’t do that.

YL will send you a $50 thank you check for each premium starter kit you refer . It’s as simple as that!

You should have received a booklet with your link in your welcome package, but if you've misplaced it, you can go to and create a new one. You'll just need your member number, which you can find in your virtual office on the Young Living Website. 

The fact is, these oils work and you smell good. People will ask you about them. If you want to share them, simply make your link by putting your member number in the sponsor and enroller sections. It will spit out your shareable link you can pass out like candy!

Simply go to and enter your login info. Then select "My Account" where you will find your member number.

At you just enter your member number in the slots for Sponsor ID and Enroller ID, enter your email address, and they will create a short link that you can place on your social media profiles, or text to family and friends. 

getting your check

If you haven’t already gotten an email with instructions, and you qualify for a paycheck, go to

There you can choose how you’d like to be payed with options like direct deposit (SO easy!), PayPal, or a visa prepaid card. (If you’re already enrolled in direct deposit, you are set and don’t need to change anything unless you just want to).

Need to know more about how to get payed?? Just share what you love and what works for you! When someone is ready for a starter kit of their own, make sure you give them your personal referral link, it’s that easy!