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Essential Oils

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Wild Folk Essential Oils

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I had been hearing about the wonders of essential oils for so long, but always thought it was all hype because the ones I was using were doing nothing.  I figured that I was either immune to holistic remedies or all these people talking about oils were just trying to scam people (and had pretty much settled on scam).

I finally decided to give Young Living oils a try and HOLY MOLY - I wasn't immune to holistic remedies and these people weren't lying! I had just been getting what I was paying for by buying "cheap" oils (which I now realize were probably synthetic or watered down and that's why I wasn't seeing results).

So many amazing things happened to my family the first few weeks of trying out our Young Living oils, that I knew I needed to share them with others. 

Young Living Essential Oils

I'd like to welcome you to follow along on our journey into the world of Young Living essential oils and all of their other natural, plant based products.  

Young Living Basic Starter Kit Young Living Premium Starter Kit

A starter kit is definitely the best way to get started in Young Living. The basic kit comes with a bottle of Stress away, some samples, and a LIFETIME wholesale membership - saving you 24% off anything you ever buy from Young Living - ever! 

The Premium Starter Kit is the way I got started and it is definitely the best deal - over $300 worth of products for just $160!  This kit contains 11 useful oils to help you start ditching toxic items from your home.   It also includes a beautiful diffuser, and that awesome lifetime wholesale membership.

Plus: signing up as a wholesale member with us, grants you access to come AMAZING resources and education groups! You'll also receive a welcome package and gift from me for joining our tribe! 

You NEVER have to sell anything or commit to buy anything else EVER again, but if you do happen to fall in love with your oils and want to share about them with friends, you can earn $50 for every friend you refer! How great is that?!