Shop Update

Today is my birthday.  On your birthday, if you're lucky, the people you love surprise you with the things you want.  

My sweet boys woke me up and presented me with the perfect gifts (perfume and 2 new books), and a cup of of coffee.  

I popped in the shower thinking about how thoughtful these gifts were, I realized:  

"I'll never read those books."  

Lately, it takes me months to finish a book, and by that time, I've lost interest and usually quit before I've reached the end.  How can I read when there are orders to sew?

Emails to answer?

Pictures to post?

Leather to cut?

Supplies to be ordered? 

I emerged from the shower to see that the front of my torso is covered with hives.  21 to be exact. It has been this way since Tuesday.  They are on my back too, I just haven't made the effort to count those. No more have appeared, none have gone away, and I don't imagine they will until the last of my orders are sent out.  

It's a double edged sword, this little shop of mine.  

It's my creative outlet. 

It's my youngest baby.

It's where all my "friends" hang out.

But it has taken me over once again.

Last year at this time, I was @mocc_life.  Orders were pouring in, business was booming, but I was flailing.  Trying my best to get a grip, but I just couldn't....until I found the answer: rebrand.  

Become @thewildfolkco.  

It was more ME.  It would naturally help me stay grounded; feel less like I was a ghost in my own home because it was centered around what our family is all about.

This worked for quite a while...until it didn't.  I've started slipping again.  Slipping into the form of that ghost woman.  

The mom who is here, but isn't.

The wife who looks like she's listening, but is really trying to decide what color leathers to order for next season. 

The friend who never calls because she can't hear you anyway over the sound of the sewing machine.  

I don't want to be that mom.  That wife.  That friend.  

Not anymore. 

After much soul searching, I've decided that we will not return to "made to order" after the holidays. 

I will restock and create new items at a pace that works best for me and for my family so that I can continue to create, and continue to be part of this beautiful community of like-minded spirits.  This will likely include more tees, new leather items, and less shoe options.

Thank you all so much for your understanding, friendship, and support.  I love you all! 




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