Naturally Scented Body Wash

DIY natural body washOne of the items in the hub’s Essentail Rewards order this month was Young Living’s unscented Bath Gel. It is SO hard to find unscented, green (as opposed to green washed) products at the store, so we were pretty stoked Young Living offered this. 

We’re also stoked that just about everything YL sells is concentrated, so we knew we would get 3 bottles of body wash out of this one bottle, so we decided to make a his and hers, and then still have one bottle left over for whoever runs out first. 


Here’s how we did it:

Divide the unscented bath and shower gel into thirds (we used foaming pump bottles, because natural soaps don’t have the chemical in them that gives them all the lather of standard soaps)

Then we chose our scents. I chose Peace and Calming, Patchouli, and Orange. Patchouli and Orange are already in  the Peace and Calming blend, but I just wanted to enhance those notes. 

DIY calming body wash Jon chose Cypress, Cedarwood, and Northern Lights Black Spruce. Woodsy and manly, without smelling too much like a forest. 

DIY manly bodywash

I used 2 drops of Peace and Calming, 1 drop Patchouli, and 1 drop Orange in mine.

Jon used 2 drops Cypress, 2 drops Cedarwood, and 1 drop Northern Lights Black Spruce in his. 

Then we just filled the rest of the bottle up with water, shook it around to mix, and voila!!  Naturally scented, toxin free bodywash - at 3 for 1 pricing!!

DIY naturally scented bodywash

Have you made your own naturally scented bodywash? What oils did you use?

DIY naturally scented bodywash

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