Essential Oils that Boost Your Immune System

Immune Boosting Essential Oils

Because essential oils are plants in their most potent form, they make wonderful tools for us to use in creating and maintaining wellness.

Some oils are well known for their powerful immune boosting properties, so let's go over a few that we recommend everyone have on hand.

Copaiba: This is one of the most powerful substances on the earth for reducing inflammation. The BCP in copaiba boosts immune and endocrine function. Mix a drop with honey or gargle a drop with warm water to sooth a sore throat.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano: This is a total powerhouse for the immune system. Apply (always diluted) to the bottoms of the feet. 

Frankincense: This is an amazing overall immune booster, as it not only decreases inflammation, but it also helps your body to produce more white blood cells. 

Lemon: Rich in limonene - there are some amazing clinical studies about this - be sure to check them out. Lemon essential oil is wonderful for your lymphatic system, helping to flush out cellular waste.

Thieves essential oil

And of course, one of Young Living's most well known blends - everyone's favorite - Thieves. Thieves essential oil is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Thieves oil has high anti-bacterial properties, fights harmful fungi, reduces inflammation, and helps to promote overall wellness. It also smells like the holiday season, with it warm, spicy scent, so that's also a huge bonus! 

I make a roller that we use frequently to stay healthy using a few drops of Thieves mixed with a carrier oil.

If you happen to be feeling under the weather, try this Get Well Tea recipe (makes one pot of tea):

Get Well Tea Recipe

Essential oils are a powerful way to boost your immune system, but remember, the most important thing you can do to maintain a healthy immune system is to take care of your body. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and eat nutritious foods.

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Essential oils that Boost the immune system


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