DIY Toxin-Free Perfume

Did you know that almost all modern perfumes use artificial fragrances? Not only that, but when "fragrance" is listed as the ingredient in a product, what it really means is "any combination of thousands of toxic chemicals?" People are even calling fragrance "the new second-hand smoke."There is a sign at my doctor's office asking patients to refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes to the office, as they can have harmful impact on others. 

A 2001 study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that synthetic fragrances were often shown to contain hormone disruptors linked to abnormal cell reproduction.

From NonToxicRevolution: EWG found that about 75 percent of products that list fragrance contain the hormone disrupting chemical, phthalates. Phthalates, used to make fragrances last longer, have been linked to many hazardous health conditions, such as reduced sperm count, liver and breast cancers, reproductive malformation and diabetes. This carcinogen has been banned in many countries (EU, Japan, South Korea, Canada, even China), but our government sets such an intense level of proven harm for these chemicals that some say it’s almost impossible to reach. 

DIY perfume

The good news is, you don't have to wear chemical-laden perfumes. You can make your own and it's super easy - and much more affordable. 

To show you how easy it can be, I thought I'd show you how I made my current perfume.  I like warm/woodsy scents, so if that's not your jam, I'll list some other oil combos you can sub out for the ones I used below.

DIY perfume using essential oils

Here's what you need:

A glass spray bottle

Witch Hazel

A pinch of salt


Your favorite essential oils (I use Young Living because I trust their quality)


For this blend I used:

4 drops Patchouli

5 drops Cedarwood

1 drop Vetiver

3 drops Valor

3 drops Bergamot

 diy perfume tutorial

Just drop your oils in, fill the bottle half way up with witch hazel, add in a dash of salt, then fill the rest with water, put the lid on, and shake it up.

That's it!! Told ya it was super easy. 

DIY perfume

Here are a few other combos to try if you're not a partial hippie like me and not into the earthy smells:


4 drops Lemon

6 drops Lavender

8 drops Valor


Take on the World

4 drops Joy

3 drops Orange

6 drops Valor


For the Fellas:

3 drops Pine

5 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

6 drops Cedarwood


Give it a try - your body systems will than you!

If you try it, let me know what combo you used and how you like it. <3

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Diy natural perfume

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