The Box Hoppers

Everywhere I look, I see boxes.  Little squares on social media, like stickers, trying to provide proof of the contents of each box.

There are boxes for
having it "all together"
being trendy
being political
home decor
food snobbing

the list goes on.

Everyone seems to hop in their chosen box and stay there, proudly proclaiming how wonderful it is and showing us how they'd never dream of leaving it.

What happens when you don't fit in a box?
When you're a "box hopper?"

What if you really love this box you're in right now, but tomorrow you find yourself inside another box, while eyeing yet another?

This is me.
My life is messy. It's wonderful, but messy.

And I will never fit into a box. I just won't.  Come to think of it, I never have.

I run a clothing company, but if you look at my kids' feet - they're probably black from playing outside barefoot.

We love backyard chickens and homesteading and nature, but we also love all things Disney.
We listen to the Christian station, but also to the satellite radio on the 40's station, and rock (but, um...never top 40 - Give it to me, I'm worth it?

There's not enough "white space" in my feed. I don't use the same filters for every picture.
I don't live in leggings and a mom bun and drink Starbucks every day.
It takes me 30 tries just to get my whole self in a "selfie," and I'm usually only posting one to support another mama-maker.

Maybe this makes me a terrible business woman.  Maybe this is why artists are always struggling. Because they ride the wind, letting it carry them to their next burst of inspiration.
And there is no wind inside a box.

But, who cares?  Why are we so concerned with fitting into our boxes anyway?

Today, Bent (my oldest) told me to guess what his 2 favorite cars were.
"I don't know. What?" I asked.

"My 1st favorite is a Corvette Stingray, and my 2nd favorite is a Subaru."

It's official.  We are a family of Boxhoppers.




Bracelets: @seaweedsouls

Slouchies: @wildsunshine.threads

Cali tee: @shopbornsavage

Moccs: @thewildfolkco (obviously)

No Days Off: @honeybeetrueco

Necklace: @parishlane

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