A Little Bit of Crazy

I have this theory:  Everyone has a little bit of crazy in them.  Maybe your little bit of crazy is that you freak out over things that aren't important or that haven't even happened yet.
Maybe you love to eat Ketchup packets.
Maybe you absolutely have to follow up the scratch of an itch on your left cheek with the scratch of a non-existent itch on your right cheek (to keep things even, of course).
Maybe you need your blanket smoothed and pillows placed at a 47 degree angle or your mojo is thrown off for the entire day.
Maybe you have to eat the best bite first.
Or last.

Whatever your little bit of crazy may happen to be, the point it - it's there.  You can't deny it.

Confession time.

My little bit of crazy is that I love repetition.  Freaking love it.

One of the biggest things I love about making moccasins is the repetition of sewing shoe after shoe on the machine.  There's something almost meditative about it.  I could probably lock myself in my office all day and sew my life away.  I must have been a factory worker in my past life.

Here's the problem with that:  I have a family.  Who needs me.  Like, needs me - I'm totally working on helping them with the whole "self-sufficiency" thing, but other than just that, they need my presence.

They actually miss me after dinner when they're playing outside together and I'm in my office sewing away in my trance,

But I love this little business of creating things and the connections to all of the wonderful people I've met while on this journey.

So, I've come up with an amazing solution.  One that allows me to be more physically present with the people who need me most, but still allows me to create.

Best of all - this solution is ME.  It is my family.  It is probably you.  And your family too.  It is something that speaks to me the way Mocc Life never has.  It is not just a little change in direction.  It is a movement.  A movement for everyone who's longing for the things my family dreamed of before I was caught up in the whirlwind of this (not so) little mocc shop.
And I think I love it already.

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