What happened to The Faithful Feather?!

Hey, hey, hey mocc lovers!  If you're here, you've obviously noticed that we've moved.  Not only that - but we've changed our name too! 

The Faithful Feather was an awesome start to our shop - we loved our logo, our name, our mission, and our community!!  But..... we've grown.


We've changed.  

This little shop has taken on a life of it's own, and we really felt like it was time to change it up a little to something that fit what we do so much better.  

Our new name will also help others to find us so much more easily - if you google moccs, you'd probably have a hard time finding something about a faithful feather.  Plus, so many people have jumped on the "feather" bandwagon (feathers are everywhere), and I'm one of those people who doesn't like to be doing what "everybody's doing." 

I'm a mom.  Homeschooling, raising my precious littles, making moccs, and bonding with other mamas.  Living the Mocc Life!  It just fits so well! 

We're so excited for our new look, and we hope you are too!   



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