12 Best Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Support

12 best essential oils for physical and emotional supportIt's no secret that the world is catching on to the powers of essential oils - especially, pure, therapeutic grade oils. Yes, those are definitely different than the oils you find down at your local grocery or department store, so if you're looking for oils that do more than just put out an aroma, definitely do your research before buying. 

Let's go over my top 12 oils for supporting our body systems and emotions:

#1 - Peppermint

Head tension? Rub some peppermint on your temples. Nausea or tummy troubles? Peppermint. Potty training a little one, or just having trouble "going?" Put a drop of peppermint in the potty. Peppermint essential oil has a uplifting aroma that will help get you motivated, focused, and ready to take on the day. It's cooling sensation is also great for sore muscles - just be sure not to get it in your eye because that won't be fun. Also great for the respiratory system and for curbing appetites.

        Peppermint Essential oil        Lemon Essential Oil

#2 - Lemon

Lemon essential oil may just be the best degreaser ever.  It's also amazing at removing sticky substances (like labels and stickers). Lemon has an uplifting scent and is also great at aiding in focus and memory. It's a wonderful skin brightener (just be cautious when applying before going in the sun, as it can increase photosensitivity). Antioxident rich lemon essential oil contains Limonene, and if I were you, I'd go do a quick web search on the awesomeness of that.  

#3 - Thieves 

If you have an immune system (surprise - you do), you should not be without Thieves Blend. It is an abosolute powerhouse for your immune system. Containing Clove, Rosemary, Lemon, and Cinnamon, this blend should be rolled down your spine or on the bottoms of your feet daily to keep your body well. You can learn more about this amazing oil and other oils that help support your immune system by clicking here.

        Thieves Essential Oil        citrus fresh essential oil

#4 - Citrus Fresh

Citrus Fresh smells just like it sounds - like fresh citrus. It's great for cleaning the air, dropping on wool dryer balls (because I know you're not using the toxic dryer sheets anymore, right?), and non-toxic cleaning. Add a few drops to baking soda to make a carpet sprinkle, or a few drops to a spray bottle of witch hazel for a room freshening spray. Like all citrus oils, it has an uplifting scent that's great for mental focus, and is wonderful for immune support.

#5 - Digize

Digize is probably not an oil you'd want to use as a perfume (unless you love black licorice), but Digize is an oil you'll never want to be without. If you have tummy troubles - I don't even care what kind of tummy troubles, any tummy troubles at all - you need Digize. My kids and hubby swear by it, and so do I. 

        Digize essential oil        raven essential oil

#6 - Raven

Raven essential oil is ahh-mazing for all things respiratory. This was the first oil that ever made an impact on me after years of trying cheaper oils. I had chest congestion and when I rubbed this on my chest it provided me with so much relief that I was just amazed. My oldest uses a roller of this mixed with fractionated coconut oil on his chest in the winter, and it has greatly reduced the amount of times he has needed his inhaler.  You can also make a simple chest rub by adding a few drops of Raven to a small jar of coconut oil and stirring. 

#7 - Panaway

Panaway essential oil blend is a must have for bone and joint health, muscle tension, head tension, bumps and bruises, and circulatory support. You're going to want to make a rub with coconut oil or a roller ASAP when you get this bad boy because the relief it provides is insane! 

        pan away essential oil        lavender essential oil

#8 - Lavender

Everyone knows lavender - that's because lavender is awesome! It's great for immune support, wonderful for skincare, helpful for bumps and cruises, and cognitive function. It can provide relief during ladies' time of the month, and is simply the best for sleep and relaxation. 

#9 - Frankincense 

The don't call Frankincense the king of oils for nothing! It's grounding aroma is great for prayer and meditation, relieving stress, and aiding in relaxation. Frank is good for sleep support, immune support, respiratory support, and support at the cellular level (please do a quick search on the powers of Frankincense and you'll see why you never want to be without this oil). Be aware, there are a few different Frankincense varieties, and this one is Boswellia Carterii. That's important when searching for the benefits. Also note that the process for obtaining Frankincense is very lengthy, and if you're buying a bottle for $10 - it's likely not real. Frank is also wonderful for skin support, so get it on your face stat! 

        frankincense essential oil        stress away essential oil

#10 - Stress Away

Pretty self explanatory. Use Stress Away for tantrums/stress, mental focus, sleep support (don't pair it with Lavender in the diffuser unless you want to fall asleep asap!). 

#11 - Valor

Valor is a highly coveted blend because it does all the things! In today's high stress world, Valor gives your the courage to get through the day. It contains Blue Tansy, which is super beneficial to your spinal cord (a place where we  tend to store up our tension and anxious feelings - one reason it's great for alignment). It also smells like blueberries, so you can't really go wrong. Many people use it as a cologne or perfume.

Valor and Peace & Calming

#12 - Peace & Calming

I saved the best for last (yes, I'm totally biased) because Peace & Calming is my favorite and smells like heaven! It's great for emotional support, sleep support, and I totally use it as my perfume.  This is a great tantrum taming oil too!  

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